Helping Hands Foundation Uganda
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To join this forum & join hands to combat domestic violence in our communities.

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To save those victims of domestic violence & give them new life and hope.

Become a Volunteer

With us to grow the spirit of patriotism towards eradicating violence.

Educating Children

Ensuring that the young kids are motivated and taught about the values and benefits of education in relation to combating violence.

Take Care Of Children

Elders encouraged to take care of the young children to realize positive results from them in the future.

Help The Children

Victimized with domestic violence because they are pillars of tomorrow.

Featured Causes

Women and Children are at high risk of suffering from domestic violence

Community Sensitization

We always engage various communities on the dangers and future effects of violence in communities.

Relief & rehabilation

We do offer rehabilation and relief services to the victims of domestic violence in various communities and elders to make them add values in people.

Education For Victims

We make outreaches in various communities and educat people in various aspects of life and on how to survive and restart to new life.

Mission & Goals

To support the victim of domestic violence through the provision of counselling and micro financial support services


We make outreaches in various communities and educat people in various aspects of life and on how to survive and restart to new life.

Our Team

We say no to domestic violence in our communities
Anyango Winifred Yoniva


Okwel Andrew Kaggwa


Nadutu Jasca



Read testimonies from people we have helped

Thanks to Helping Hands Foundation Uganda, my life has taken a remarkable turn. The skills and support I received have empowered me to contribute positively to my community. I can now construct houses and help people in my community Grateful for the transformative impact that the organization has had on my journey toward a better future."
Aron Agwar
Gratitude fills my heart as a beneficiary of HIV Children Empowerment, along with my cousin Mulopa Yoke. This initiative has not only provided us with vital support but has also empowered us to face the challenges of living with HIV. Thanks to the organization, we now have hope and strength for a brighter tomorrow."
Mulopa Yoke
Thanks to Helping Hands Foundation Uganda for being my pillar of emotional support. Your unwavering care has transformed my challenges into opportunities. Grateful for the compassion and strength you've provided, making a lasting impact on my journey. Together, we build a resilient community filled with hope. Thank you!
Nalongo Alice